How do Suh and McCoy Compare and Contrast?

Posted Mar 3, 2010

NFL Scouts, coaches and fans watched closely as defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy went through their workouts at the NFL Scouting Combine.

They have been touted by some as the best two players coming out in this year’s draft, though that will undoubtedly be debated for the next eight weeks.

Detroit met with both players individually last week, talking about Xs and Os among other things. If the Lions do choose to go the route of a defensive tackle, they would be guaranteed at least one of these two players considering they hold the No. 2-overall selection.

How do these two tackles stack up?

  • They are both about 6-4 and weigh around 300 pounds. Suh came into this year’s combine weighing 307 while McCoy weighed in at 295.
  • Both are disruptive, have good hands, and have the ability to penetrate to get to the quarterback.
  • Suh finished his four-year collegiate career at Nebraska with 24.0 sacks while McCoy finished his three-year collegiate career at Oklahoma with 14.0.
  • At Nebraska, Suh was asked to play a two-gap system, holding blockers before playing the run or going after the quarterback on pass plays. At Oklahoma, McCoy was in a one-gap system, asked to shoot the gap and get to the quarterback on each play.
  • Personality-wise, Suh tends to be more serious in the spotlight, while McCoy is more jovial. Both are adamant that they are friends off the field and do not consider their competition leading up to the draft to be a rivalry.

How would each fit in Detroit?

Both players have the skill set to make an impact in Detroit’s defense.

McCoy played in a system that most resembles Detroit’s current scheme, but Suh was no stranger to pursuing the quarterback. Though he didn’t do it as often, Suh would rush the quarterback on third down, allowing scouts and coaches to take a look at his capabilities.