High 5ive and Catch 13 Foundations Team up to Provide Holiday Shopping Spree

Posted Dec 22, 2010

On Wednesday December 15th, Drew Stanton’s High 5ive Foundation and Nate Burleson’s CATCH 13 Foundation worked together to provide 111 children of Orchards Children’s Services with dinner and a shopping spree. The evening began with pizza provided for all the children and then everyone walked over to Target for a night that made the children’s holiday seasons.

The children were joined by Lions players as they all received $100 gift cards to purchase anything they would like in the store. In all 17, players made it out for the evening as they shared in the experience and were around to provide shopping advice. Joining Stanton and Burleson were Lions players Aaron Brown, Dylan Gandy, Will Heller, Shaun Hill, Calvin Johnson, Stefan Logan, Maurice Morris, Don Muhlbach, Dominic Raiola, Zac Robinson, Matthew Stafford, John Wendling, Joe Jon Finley, Dan Gerberry, and Richard Dickson.

The players spent nearly three hours with the kids as they ate dinner, shopped, and then got all the autographs they wanted. “Many of these kids are without families or have families that have fallen on hard times and it’s great to just see all the smiles and know that all these kids will now have gifts this holiday season,” said Stanton.

Orchards Children’s Services, which provides specialized care in addition to recreational and educational services for children in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties, was happy when Stanton approached them about doing a shopping spree. They were ecstatic when they found out that Burleson and his foundation wanted to join in and provide a shopping spree for twice the amount of kids. “When I found out what Drew and his foundation were doing I thought it was a great opportunity to join in and figured we could double the number of kids who would receive gifts,” said Burleson.

Many of the children were able to purchase gifts for themselves and for their families. Many players dug into their own pockets on the night of the event and provided the kids with even more money that helped support not only them but their families. In all, almost $12,000 was spent but the smiles and joy it brought to the kids and their families was truly priceless.