Herman Moore, Calvin Johnson both see inconsistent play as culprit for not winning in Green Bay

Posted Oct 4, 2013

In their respective blogs on, both Moore and Johnson cited inconsistent play in the fourth quarter as reason for Detroit not getting a 'W' at Lambeau Field

Six seasons separate the conclusion of Herman Moore's career and the beginning of Calvin Johnson's, but the receivers had essentially the same message in their respective blogs on this week.

When asked why the Lions have struggled to win at Lambeau Field the past 21 visits (the last victory was in Moore's rookie season in 1991), both looked to lack of consistency.

"While the Lions -- current and past -- have always been competitive there, the problem has been shooting themselves (ourselves) in the foot," said Moore.

"It's just a matter of execution in the fourth quarter," said Johnson. "We've played well up there, but something always seems to happen at the end of the game. We have to be able to play all four quarters."

Moore also touched on the Packers' ability to channel into the energy of the home crowd and derive confidence and consistency.

"Green Bay will miss tackles, commit penalties and even turn the ball over, but they will play all four quarters," he said. "That is what the Lions have failed to do the last 21 games."

Both receivers say the mystique of playing at Lambeau Field has worn off. Now it's all about execution.

The Lions obviously hope execution this week will result in a victory in Green Bay and a 3-0 division record after one pass through the NFC North.

CONNECTION ACROSS SEASONS: With a 100-yard performance at Green Bay, Calvin Johnson can surpass Herman Moore's franchise record for 100-yard games (34). Johnson's 115-yard showing at Washington set the tie.