Head Coach Jim Schwartz Post-Practice Quote Sheet

Posted Oct 28, 2009

On whether it was a good sign that QB Matthew Stafford practiced two days in a row
“We’ll wait and see. It’s still a long way to go until Sunday and there’s a lot of hurdles we’ll need to cross before then.”
On whether Stafford has suffered any setbacks
“I’m not going to comment on his condition or anything else. We’ll just say the same thing, we’ll get him back as quick as we can and he’s progressing.”
On the Rams trying to snap a long losing streak and whether Schwartz can relate
“I don’t know that it impacts. I took the approach that it didn’t impact us. We were, at the time I think 0-2 and that was bad enough, we didn’t need to be 0 and whatever it was. I think it’s the same thing for these guys. They’ve turned a lot of their roster over. That streak means nothing. They’re an 0-7 football team just like we’re a 1-5 football team. That’s the thing that matters. It matters what we do on Sunday. It doesn’t matter what happened last year or the year before.”
On whether the Lions players are getting an extra boost this week because they’re playing a winless team
“We’re a 1-5 football team, so we don’t have any issues with that. We’ve got to go out every Sunday and play our best football. We need to get back on a winning track. This is just another opportunity to do it. You don’t take anybody lightly. You don’t look at anybody any different. This is the NFL and you have to come on Sunday ready to play.”
On whether he feels like the Lions have the advantage coming off the bye
“I think that the bye week can go one of two ways. Either you can use it to get healthy and you come out and you play fresh or it can derail your timing and things like that. It’s one of the reasons we practiced yesterday. One of the reasons we practiced two days last week is to try to keep on a track and to make sure that we don’t suffer a setback. We are fresher right now. We have benefited from the time off, getting some players back on the field. That’s all been good but Sunday—it doesn’t matter what happened when you get to Sunday—sort of like what I talked about with the losing streak, on Sunday that’s out the window. We need to take advantage of it now, have a good week of practice, and then if we take care of our business then it can pay off.”
On how much the defense has missed DT Sammie Hill the last few weeks
“His size makes a difference for us. We talked about getting bigger and Sammie was a big part of that. He’s a big wide body in there and I think that we realized maybe a little bit how much we’ve missed him and it speaks well for him that we’re missing a guy that maybe coming into this year at the draft we didn’t count on relying on so much. But when we watched our cutups of the first six games and we saw when he was in there and when he wasn’t there was a difference. The way we play our defensive line nobody plays every single snap. They need to stay fresh, they need to roll. One of our issues (at Green Bay), we played way too many snaps. Our offense had been doing a really good job of controlling the games and keeping the number of snaps short, (at Green Bay) we didn’t do a good job of that. On defense we played 80 some snaps; we’ve only got 6 active defensive lineman. That accumulation over the course of the game wore us out. Sammie’s a big part of that rotation. Plus, his size in there means something when you’re stopping the run.”
On how difficult it will be for Hill to bounce back from this break as a rookie
“I think he’ll be fine. He’s been into it. He’s been at practice just about every day. He’s not that far away from the game. It’s not like he’s been on vacation for the last three weeks or four weeks—whatever it’s been—he’s been into it. I would expect him to be able to pick back up pretty quickly.”
On whether they are cutting down the defense to reduce mental errors
“No, we’re not doing that much to cut down. I think it’s more just put it on the players to execute what we have. It’s not like we’re putting drastically new things in every week. It’s not like our packages—we have a diverse package—but it’s not big enough to be too much.”
On whether they are running less than they would be ideally
“That depends. It depends on strengths and weaknesses of the team and things like that. We’re running a lot more than we ran at Tennessee for the last couple of years but we could afford to be a lot more vanilla because we were in a different spot as a team. So, I think every year it will probably change a little bit. I don’t think there’s a master plan of we’re getting to this spot package wise, that’s always going to change from year to year depending on your talent situation, your injuries and things like that.”