Getting to know G Rob Sims

Posted Jun 17, 2012

Get to know your Detroit Lions off the field! asks players questions to learn more about their football memories, plans after football, favorites and more!

G Rob Sims

Q: What was your favorite show growing up?

Sims: "'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'"

Q: What are your plans after your football career?

Sims: "Something in business."

Q:Who is your favorite musical performer?

Sims: "Drake."

Q: What's your favorite song by Drake?

Sims: "Firework."

Q: What's your favorite music to work out to?

Sims: "Hip-hop I guess."

Q: Who is your favorite actor?

Sims: "Will Smith."

Q: Where would you most like to travel to one day?

Sims: "I definitely want to go to Africa. I want to go on a safari, South Africa would be cool."