GETTING TO KNOW: Wide receiver TJ Jones

Posted Jun 25, 2014

Up next in our 2014 Getting to Know the Rookies series is wide receiver TJ Jones

Nickname: Some people call me 2Smoove because of my Twitter handle

College major: Film, television and theater

Favorite restaurant: It's not really a restaurant, but the H Mart back in Atlanta. It's like a Korean food store.

Favorite movie: I don't think I have one. I watch a lot of movies.

Most played song on my iPod: Anything R&B

Hidden Talent: I'm kind of funny at times

Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere where you can see through the water

If I wasn't playing football: I'd be an actor or singer. Or I would work at SeaWorld with the whales and dolphins.

One thing I couldn't live without: My mama

If I could have any super power: I would teleport or read minds

One person I want to meet is: Will Smith

Twitter: Tj2Smoove