GETTING TO KNOW: Tight end Eric Ebron

Posted Jul 16, 2014

We're wrapping up our 2014 Getting to Know the Rookies survey with first-round draft pick Eric Ebron

Nickname: Just Ebron. I'm trying to work Optimus Prime in. I think it would be fun. Me and Calvin, same team, two elite transformers.

College major: Communications

Favorite restaurant: I have two. One of them is Lelli's that's here in Michigan - the best steak I've had ever. And my second favorite is back in Chapel Hill and it's called Kanki.

Favorite movie: Iron Man, all the way

Most played song on my iPod: They don't love you no more by DJ Khaled

Hidden talent: I can wiggle my ears. I can flip.

If I wasn't playing football: I'd be a firefighter

One thing I couldn't live without: My Call of Duty

If I could have any super power: I'd teleport

One person I want to meet is: Will Smith - everything he does amazes me.