GETTING TO KNOW: Center Travis Swanson

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Up next in our 2014 Getting to Know the Rookies series is center Travis Swanson

Nickname: A lot of people call me Swanny. And Samsonite, because of Dumb and Dumber.

College major: Criminal Justice

Favorite restaurant: It's more like I have a favorite restaurant for every type of food. But I'll say a local, small place back in Fayetteville called Green Submarine. It's a sandwich shop.

Favorite movie: Lone Survivor

Most played song on my iPod: I Got a Car - George Strait

Hidden talent: I've played guitar since sixth grade

Favorite vacation spot: A beach, anywhere

If I wasn't playing football: I'd be a football coach

One thing I couldn't live without: Music. I'm a big music guy.

If I could have any super power: I would want to fly

One person I want to meet is: Jim Carey

Twitter: TSwan64