GET TO KNOW: Guard Laken Tomlinson

Posted Jul 14, 2015

Get to know the Lions’ first-round draft pick Laken Tomlinson.

Nickname: Juggernaut

College major: Double major in psychology and evolutionary anthropology

Favorite movie: Shutter Island

Most embarrassing song on my playlist: It's not embarrassing. It's a really good song actually. Most people wouldn't think I listen to this kind of music, but, Frank Sinatra's My Way.

Hidden talent: I'm an extremely talented video game player -- Street Fighter player, specifically

If I wasn’t playing football: I'd be studying for the MCATs

If I could have any super power: I wish I was Hulk so I could block even better

One person I'd like to meet is: Barack Obama

Favorite football moment: Beating Ebron. For the first time Duke beat UNC in 20 years or something like that in 2012 and 2013.

Favorite athlete of all time: Usain Bolt

Favorite thing about Detroit so far: How welcoming the fans are. They're really enthused about us being here and the rookies coming in, so I really enjoy that.

Twitter: laken77