GET TO KNOW: Fullback Michael Burton

Posted Jun 30, 2015

Get to know the Lions’ fifth-round draft pick Michael Burton.

Nickname: Mike

College major: Communications and psychology

Favorite movie: Gladiator

Most embarrassing song on my playlist: Probably some techno song

Hidden talent: I'm very good at ping pong

If I wasn’t playing football: I would be a coach or a strength and conditioning coach

If I could have any super power: Fly

One person I'd like to meet is: Michael Jordan. I would try to pick his brain and see his mentality and what he does and how he works.

Favorite football moment: Getting the phone call that I was coming to play for the Lions. Other than that, winning the Quick Lane bowl game my senior year at Rutgers and winning a state championship in high school my senior year.

Favorite athlete of all time: Michael Jordan

Favorite thing about Detroit so far: The people and the football organization has been exceptional. Coming from Rutgers from a very prestigious college where people help you out and care for you, it's really like that here too. It's like a family atmosphere. That really sticks out to me.

Twitter: MikeBurtonFB