GET TO KNOW: Defensive tackle Gabe Wright

Posted Jul 2, 2015

Get to know the Lions’ fourth-round draft pick Gabe Wright.

Nickname: G90, NineORhino

College major: Public administration

Favorite movie: 300

Most embarrassing song on my playlist: No Scrubs by TLC

Hidden talent: I think I can sing. I haven't gotten direct confirmation on that yet.

If I wasn’t playing football: I'd be coaching

If I could have any super power: Teleport. It's flying and speed all in one.

One person I'd like to meet is: LeBron James

Favorite football moment: My favorite football memory was being in the national championship in college. My favorite moment was definitely getting drafted, just fulfilling that life-long dream.

Favorite athlete of all time: LeBron James

Favorite thing about Detroit so far: I really like the togetherness of the team. I know many people can say that, but it's the actual truth. Everybody knows the way Coach Caldwell runs this team, and I think the players really take after that.

Twitter: NineORhino