Durant ruled out against Dallas

Posted Sep 30, 2011

After missing all of practice this week with a concussion, linebacker Justin Durant has been ruled out for Sunday's game at Dallas.

After suffering a concussion at Minnesota, linebacker Justin Durant did  not participate in practice this week, and has been ruled out for Sunday’s game at Dallas.

Head Coach Jim Schwartz reiterated that concussions are not the type of injury you can work hard at to get back on the field faster, and only time will determine when he’s physically able to play.

“It’s not a situation that you can go tough it out and play,” said Schwartz. “It’s not like a shoulder, or an ankle, or a foot. It’s in a completely different category.”

With Durant being out of the starting line-up, Detroit will likely look to back-up linebacker Bobby Carpenter to fill in alongside Stephen Tulloch and DeAndre Levy.

Both Schwartz and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham are more than confident that he’s capable to step in and play well.

“I told Bobby that he is one of our three, actually, he is the fourth, but I treat him like that,” said Cunningham. “I think he is a really good player and I have a lot of confidence in him.

“I know he used to play for the Cowboys, so I am sure he will be ready to put in the best performance he can.”

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