Draft Press Quote Sheet: Jim Schwartz on LB Doug Hogue, 4-30

Posted Apr 30, 2011

Opening statement:
"Doug Hogue – linebacker from Syracuse; former running back; a little bit under six-foot-three, 235. He ran well at the combine; a 4.6 guy; has an NFL skill set. Inexperienced at the position, but he's got a lot of potential and he's shown a lot of things when he's played linebacker at Syracuse. A little bit of a work in progress, but we think a guy that we can work with that fits exactly what we're looking for in a linebacker and has a chance to really develop for us; can be a special teams player and has the possibility to develop into a linebacker role also."
On reports that he is extremely raw:
"I don't think he's extremely raw. You can watch him do just about everything that you need him to do playing linebacker. Is he consistent? Probably not, but everything that you need him to do, he can do and has done in the last couple years. We think a lot of him. In order to draft him in the fifth round, we think a lot of him."
On if this is more of a need:
"No, not really. We were still sitting on the board as we looked. We had a group of about two or three guys that we talked about and he was the guy that made the most sense for us. He matched the profile that we were looking for; had the skill set that we were looking for; had some plays on tape that we were looking for. We'd done a lot of work with this player and I think the opportunity matched up with his availability."