Don't forget to give defense credit for Detroit's overtime win

Posted Sep 25, 2011

Quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Lions’ offense mounted an impressive comeback in the second half of Detroit’s overtime win at Minnesota.

So impressive, in fact, that the play of the Lions’ defense could easily go unnoticed.

But while the offense pieced together three consecutive scoring drives, the defense didn’t allow a first down in the third quarter.

“We just had to calm down and play ball,” said defensive tackle Corey Williams. “Starting out the game, everybody was trying to do too much.

“We gave up some big plays (that) could’ve been prevented, but we came back at the end,” said Williams. “That’s all that matters. We put all that behind us.”

The Vikings put up 20 points in the first half, led by their top playmakers, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.

Peterson finished the first half with 73 yards on 12 carries while Harvin had 67 all-purpose yards in five plays.

In the second half, Peterson had five carries for 5 yards and Harvin had two catches for 19 yards.

“(We were) just doing our job,” said linebacker DeAndre Levy. “One thing a lot of guys were doing (in the first half) was trying to do two things at once instead of just doing (our) job.”

Levy says players know Peterson is the type of runner that can feel his way around the line of scrimmage, shuffling his feet before really taking off.

“Everybody was maybe a little jumpy with that,” he said. “(We) were getting our gap and then trying to get to another gap instead of just holding assignments where they should be.”