Detroit Lions give back, holding youth football camps in their hometowns

Posted Jun 25, 2013

Joique Bell, Nick Fairley and Glover Quin are highlighted as three players who have held youth football camps this summer

The offseason isn't just a time for players to train, it's also an opportune time to give back.

While it isn't always front and center, many Detroit Lions players hold annual charitable events prior to training camp.

Here are a few players who recently held youth camps in their hometowns: Joique Bell, Nick Fairley and Glover Quin.

RB Joique Bell, Benton Harbor, Mich.

Bell held his camp June 8, prior to the team breaking for six weeks.

The camp was held in the morning followed by a celebrity basketball game in the evening.

Proceeds from the event went to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor and the Joique Bell Foundation.

"It's important to me (to support the National Kidney Foundation) because, emotionally I'm drawn to it because my sister had kidney failure in 2006," said Bell.

"So she's been on dialysis for about the past seven years on the list waiting for a kidney."

Bell's close relationship with his sister has fueled his drive to donate to the cause.

"When I teamed up with my new agency, I wanted to go into a foundation that I was emotionally drawn to, so I chose the kidney foundation," he said. "Come to find out that Michigan, we have the largest kidney foundation in the nation – actually in the world. So for me to be able to team up with them ... it was destiny."

Photos from the event

DT Nick Fairley, Mobile, Ala.

Nick FairleyNick Fairley with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers.

Fairley held his camp last weekend and donated $10,000 to the athletic department at Williamson High School in Mobile, Ala. -- his alma mater.

"I wanted to give back because guys gave back when I was growing up," said Fairley. "Now that I'm in the position that I'm in to give back, I only feel that it's right."

Fairley's camp was free and nearly 500 kids attended. The third-year defensive tackle and a Williamson High School football coach ran the drills.

"It feels good to be a role model, knowing that kids are going to come see me -- that they actually wanted to come out and be with me and hang out and have fun," said Fairley. "It just feels good and I'm glad I've got this opportunity to do it."

Fairley said nearly 500 kids attended the camp.

"I didn't know it was going to turn out this big," he said. "I was very surprised."

Photos from the event

S Glover Quin, Summit, Miss.

Glover QuinGlover Quin

Quin also held his camp last weekend, hosting his second annual free football camp in his hometown of Summit, Miss.

Kids kindergarten through 12th grade were invited to participate in the camp that was held at Southwestern Mississippi Community College.

Following the camp, a "Leaders' Dinner" was held at which Quin encouraged kids to take charge of their futures.

"You control how hard you work on the field, in school and in life -- so it is up to you to follow your dreams and see them through," said Quin at the dinner.

Kareem Jackson and Summit Mayor Percy Robinson also spoke to the kids.

Quin says he plans to hold another camp in his hometown next year.

Photos from the event

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions also hold annual youth football camps throughout the summer!

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