Conference Call Transcript: WR Tim Toone

Posted Apr 24, 2010

On what his reaction was being the last pick in the draft
“I was super excited and relieved and I don’t know, I feel honored to be Mr. Irrelevant, but also to get drafted.”
On whether he minds the nickname Mr. Irrelevant
“I don’t. I’m going to make my mark. I’m going to work hard and prove myself and show everybody that I’m a great player and I’m going to be a benefit to the Detroit Lions.”
On whether he averaged almost 20 yards a punt return
“Yeah. I had two punt returns for a touchdown, one was 95 yards and the other was 90 yards, so that helped out a lot. People stopped kicking towards me towards the end and I was able to have a great punt return team that set up a lot of blocks so I could make the moves and get down field.”
On whether he had much conversation with the Lions prior to being drafted
“I really hadn’t talked to them at all this whole time. I think they called my agent a couple of times and we were actually leaning towards them for free agency because it was a good situation and they really showed interest. Then when I talked to them right now they sounded excited to have to me and I’m excited to go there. I believe that they know that I’m going to work hard and prove myself.”
On whether he knows about Irrelevant Week
“They just told me about it. I think it will be fun to have more exposure for the NFL and having fun with the whole situation would be a great opportunity.”
On being a little older
“Yeah, I guess I’m more mature. I went through a lot on my mission that has shaped me into the person I am today and I think I can focus better and it can help me focus and set goals and priorities that I need to achieve and to do well.”
On where he did his mission
“I served my mission in West Africa from 2004-06.”
On what he did in West Africa
“We went around and we did some service, but we also talked about the Mormon Church and tried to teach people about God.”
On whether he’s a speedy guy
“I ran the 40 in a 4.4.2-4.43. That’s what the scouts told me.”
On whether he thinks he plays like any other players in the NFL
“A lot of people tell me I’m like Wes Welker and having him in the league has helped me out a lot because he’s not the biggest guy, but he’s a hard worker and he runs great routes and he’s quick and that’s why people compare me to him because I work hard and I try to find open holes and do everything I can to help the team win.”
On what he needs to work on in his game
“Probably blocking and I guess reading coverage’s because the NFL disguises stuff a lot, so that’s one thing. I’m going to need to study a lot of film to be able to pick up everything.”
On whether he had other scholarship offers coming out of high school
“I had one for Northern Arizona, but they wanted me to go two years before I left on a mission and I didn’t want to do that, so pretty much Weber State was the only school that worked with me leaving on a mission.”
On whether he thinks he might have played at a bigger school if he hadn’t gone on the mission
“Maybe. You never know in situations like that. The whole recruiting process is hard anyway, but everything has worked out. I got sent to a great school. That program got built up and now I’m going to move on to the next level and continue progressing.”
On whether he was recruited for baseball
“I wasn’t. My school wasn’t very big on baseball, but I did play baseball.”