Conference Call Transcript: T Johnny Culbreath, 4-30

Posted Apr 30, 2011

On his journey to the NFL
"I had committed to Florida State and ended up going to South Carolina State due to grades and GPA and test scores and stuff. I had a great career there; we were three-time MEAC Championships behind me and my great offensive linemen and great running back corps. and great guys we had there. I had a lot of great achievements there. I was two-time All American; I was also player of the year in our conference my junior year. I had a really great season there. This has all worked out for the better, I guess."
On how much of a setback it was originally
"At first it was a little setback – it was a disappointment. But I think it was a good step for me. It was a good road – a good path – because it was a real humbling experience for me. I had to get my mind together knowing I had to be a complete athlete with being a student and an athlete. I had to be an all-around guy – not just be an athlete. It was just a real humbling experience – it was good. A good road for me to the NFL."