Conference Call Transcript: Packers' CB Charles Woodson

Posted Nov 24, 2009

On how the Packers are recovering after injuries to CB Al Harris and LB Aaron Kampman
“It’s tough, but we got guys that have dealt with this all year and they have practiced, so guys just have to fill in and step up.”
On what he thought of QB Matthew Stafford’s performance against the Cleveland Browns
“That’s something that can be commended. For guys in this league, at some point playing this game you’re going to get hurt and for him to go through that injury, come off and come right back in the game shows you that the game really, really means something to him – winning really means something to him. I take my hat off to any guy that goes out there and continues to play regardless of being hurt or not.”
On the difference between QB Daunte Culpepper and Stafford
“I think the only difference is the experience. Culpepper’s an experienced guy. He has been around a long time. Stafford’s just a young guy. He’s going through his growing pains as a rookie and for us we’re just preparing for whoever it is and play it like that.”
On if he thinks it’s hard to beat a team like that twice in a year
“I hope not. Our plan is to come out, execute and to get a win. Every win now is definitely important, especially after the injuries damper our season, so whether it’s one time or two times. Our goal is to go out and execute.”
On if playing on national television gives him more motivation
“Absolutely. In those types of games, the energy level is always high and that energy is contagious. Knowing that you’re playing under all the bright lights and knowing that it is a national game, it gives you a little extra boost. Regardless of it being a short week, guys will be ready.”
On if WR Calvin Johnson changes the defensive game plan
“Again, regardless if Calvin plays or Stafford plays, for us, it’s about execution. We’re not going to change too much. We’re going to go out there and try and get a win.”
On if he has played Johnson more straight up than most teams
“Probably so. I’m not sure what a lot of other teams do, but I know we have played pretty straight up for the most part. He’s a special receiver. We might play him straight up, but he definitely gets some extra attention.”
On if the defense will double Johnson more with Harris being out
“I don’t know. I guess we’ll see at the game. I don’t want to give our game plan away.”
On what memories he has of watching the Thanksgiving Day game
“The memories were the player that had the top performance and getting the turkey leg. I don’t know if they still do that now? Guys like Emmitt Smith, being the person to get that turkey leg at the end of the game. I know that was real special for guys that have gotten that.”