Conference Call Quote Sheet: RB Mikel Leshoure, 4-29

Posted Apr 29, 2011

Opening statement
"One of the things we talked about over the last few months – you need to improve your team. You also need to build your team with your strengths in mind and also build for certain situations. I think one of those situations we talked about was Atlanta making the playoffs and then getting bounced quickly without enough firepower. If you want to build this team to last; if you want to build this team to be able to withstand a lot of different things, we need a lot of different playmakers.
On the draft process
"I'm just really happy – I'm really excited, I'm really privileged right now to have been selected by the Detroit Lions at whatever pick, whether it was first, second, third or whatever round. Like I said before, at this point everything was out of the players' control. We did what we had to do up to this point and it was just what team needed us and the best fit. I'm just so happy because the Detroit Lions gave me the opportunity to be a part of their organization."
On how he feels about the Lions moving back into the second round to draft him
"It makes me feel good – really good. I felt like when I took my visit to Detroit, I had a good connection with the coaching staff – especially the running backs coach. I liked the facilities and I liked everything that they were doing. To see that they feel the same way about me is just great and it just makes me feel good – I'm looking forward to the future."
On if they discussed how he and Best would split carries
"They definitely said they plan on getting us both the ball and splitting carries. Whether he's the starter, I'm the starter, whoever's the starter, I plan on coming in and working hard and playing my role – whatever role that may be."
On if he feels he is a good compliment to Best
"Definitely. I watched Best a lot. He's a guy who's a smaller guy; he's a lot faster. He can hit the corner and hit the home run. I'm sure he can run in between the tackles as well, but to be a compliment to his running style will only make the running game a lot better in general."
On the offensive weapons in Detroit
"That makes me even more excited. They've already got a young quarterback that they're building on; they've got two big-time receivers; they just made a move defensively with Suh and another defensive lineman. They're a team to be reckoned with. It dates back to last year. There were five or six games where they were right in the loop and it could have gone either way and that could have affected their record. This team has always been fighting these last two years. They're right on the borderline and I hope I can be that extra help to push them over and get some wins this year."