Calvin Johnson's transition following a position coach change has been smooth

Posted May 20, 2013

Johnson said in the process of adjusting to new wide receivers coach, he's also taking on even more of a leadership role

For the first time since the 2007 season, Calvin Johnsonhas a new position coach.
Calvin JohnsonWR Calvin Johnson

Tim Lappano - the tight ends coach for the previous four seasons - has moved into the job of wide receivers coach with the departure of Shawn Jefferson, and while it could have been a difficult transition, Johnson says it's going well.

"Tim's done a great job so far," heh said. "I don’t know if Tim’s been talking to Shawn, but Tim’s come out here with some good drills for us as far as focusing our eyes on the ball and getting our footwork right, so, Tim’s on top of it."

Johnson says the biggest thing in this process will be learning about one another, which will happen over the course of the offseason program as they spend time in the meeting room and on the field as a group.

But he also said it's on him to take on even more of a leadership role.

“Myself and Nate (Burleson) talked about that," said Johnson. "You know, Tim’s going to do all he can do, but at the same time, we’re in a position where we can help out these guys, too.

“I think the big thing we want to accomplish, for me, is just building up our receivers. Myself and Nate, we know what we can do on Sunday. No. 1, is just getting in shape, but at the same time bringing these young fellas up so they can be ready to play on Sunday too.”

After a disappointing 2012 season, Johnson said the biggest thing they need this year is to get their red zone production up.

He said there were a few games, especially towards the end of the year, where one play could have made all the difference.

“We’ve got some pieces that I think can help our offense where we can make that one more play at an important time in the game," he said. "Guys that have been in those positions on different teams, we’ve brought some of those guys over.

"Of course, you know Reggie (Bush) and some other additions to defense. I think we got what we need, like I said, when it comes to clutch time, to make those plays.”