Calvin Johnson's leadership can be seen in his work with Corey Fuller

Posted Jun 3, 2013

Having played just one year of college football, rookie receiver Corey Fuller is working with Calvin Johnson and other vets on his technique

Rookie receiver Corey Fuller had just one year of true football production at Virginia Tech. Fuller was a track star at Kansas before transferring to Virginia Tech to pursue a football career.

Now he has the opportunity to tap into the knowledge base of arguably the best receiver in the game today.

"One of the greatest receivers playing right now and I just get to learn from him," said Fuller of working with Calvin Johnson. "I don’t have much experience, he has it all. I'm just getting to learn from and it's great. Somebody to look up to."

Despite playing a position known for its flashiness, Johnson is of the quieter variety.

He has been scrutinized in the media for not being a more vocal leader considering his dominance on the field.

The way he approaches players like Fuller and Ryan Broyles a year ago shows his strong leadership, however. In the two weeks that the veterans and rookies have been working together during organized team activities (OTAs), Johnson has been seen walking off the field with Fuller.

"He has a lot of work to do to get ready for the season if he's going to play this year, if he's going to help us out," said Johnson. "But we've got the tools to give him. It's just a matter of him seeing the field to be able to implement those things out there."

Hearing a player like Johnson say that Fuller has a lot to work on can lose its true meaning when making its way from players and coaches to non-players and non-coaches (ie. media and fans).

Johnson says that -- with his great hands and height -- Fuller can go up and make a play on the ball.

The things he has to work on have nothing to do with talent.

"We've just got to get him pumping those arms in the breaks so can get in and out of those breaks quicker," said Johnson.

Fuller says he is also having a tough time staying low in his stance because of his track background.

"With track, you're taught to run up high, mainly for my event," he said. "Then (I'm working on) just keeping my pads low coming out of breaks, changing direction, things like that."

A key piece of the development process for Fuller will be translating film work to the field.

"Basically the biggest thing we can do is lead by example," said Johnson. "Show him things on film that we're doing so that he sees how they work. When he sees those things work on film, then he'll believe it and he'll actually start doing them."

Fuller is definitely beginning his NFL career with an advantage considering he gets to watch a true professional in Johnson.

"He is just a genuinely nice guy," said Fuller. "He's willing to help and that's what I like."