Calvin Johnson thrilled to welcome Reggie Bush to the Detroit Lions

Posted Mar 15, 2013

With his breakaway ability, Reggie Bush should be just the right complement for the All-Pro wide receiver, Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson broke the single-season record for receiving yards in 2012, but there was still a knock on his production because his touchdowns took a dramtic drop.

After 16 in 2011, Johnson had just five in 2012. Making the statistic even more painful is the fact that he was tackled inside the two-yard line six times.

Why the drop in production?

Johnson had nine touchdowns in the first five games in 2011 - a staggering fact that coincided with a 5-0 record by the Lions.

The correlating factor?

Detroit had Jahvid Best out of the backfield over that span. The remaining nine games - all without Best - Johnson had just seven touchdowns.

What does all this mean?

It means Calvin Johnson is thrilled to welcome running back Reggie Bush to the Detroit Lions.

"You have to be honest if you're the defensive coordinator when we get to the red zone," said Johnson to "Teams were able to take me away with two people last year.

"They won't be able to do that anymore because we have such dynamic players in Reggie and then we've got some other young talent that is coming up as well."

It should be noted that it is Bush's specific skill set that will compliment Johnson so well.

Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell had solid seasons in 2012, but they are run-through-the-tackle bruisers.

What ultimately causes defenders to cheat is the potential to break for a big gain, and Bush brings that element.

"Reggie has gotten a little thicker, running in between the tackles, but at the same time he hasn't lost that explosive step that he had ever since USC that everybody loved him so much for," said Johnson.

"He can make somebody miss and take it all the way and I know that's definitely why we got him – because of that playmaking ability he has."

Bush had to be salivating watching film of the defensive looks the Lions got with Johnson on the field.

Particularly in the red zone last season, anywhere from two to five defenders would lean toward Johnson's side of the field.

Johnson laughed when told of Bush's excitement thinking about the potential opportunities.

"Definitely in the red zone," he said, "we’ll get those touchdowns back."