Barry Sanders takes the baton from Calvin Johnson as Madden Cover athlete

Posted Apr 24, 2013

After an "Old School" vs. "New School" competition, Sanders edges out Adrian Peterson to take the Madden Cover crown

The Honolulu Blue and silver will grace video game shelves for another year.

Last year it was Calvin Johnson. This year it is Barry Sanders.

EA Sports went with an "Old School" vs. "New School" theme for it's 25th edition of Madden, with one bracket for each.

Ultimately, it came down to Sanders and reigning NFL MVP, Adrian Peterson.

"The type of year that Adrian has had, I certainly wouldn’t have put myself as the favorite," Sanders said Wednesday. "So I would look at it as somewhat of an upset."

Always humble.

In fact, Sanders went as far as to say that it would be "a shocker" if he took home the Madden crown for 2013.

"It would be amazing, considering the type of competition it was," he said.

That may be his perspective, but the legions of fans, fellow athletes and celebrities who came out to vote would say otherwise.

The likes of Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Holly Robinson Peete and Dennis Rodman all came out to express allegiance.

"It’s been pretty surprising just to see how many former players keep up with Twitter and keep up with this competition," said Sanders. "People in different sports and other walks of life.

"That part of it has been a little bit of a surprise as well. It’s been widely supported by many different people in many different fields."

Of all the support statements he received, though, Sanders considered one he got at the 11th hour the most surprising.

"I'm probably going to miss someone, but probably Tiger," said Sanders. "I saw a tweet from Tiger. That was a surprise."

All the support served it's purpose as Sanders is now the new Madden Cover star.

Now, perhaps, he will be able to convince his younger sons that he has some "cool points".

"I told my boys that theres a chance I might be on the Madden cover," said Sanders in a Tweet prior to the final round. "They think I'm joking. Help me get some cool points tweet #Madden25Barry."

It worked -- and his sons may have had played a role.

"I actually asked them because they’re pretty solid fans and they don’t always go with the home team," said Sanders. "So I did ask them the question. And, in this particular case, they did say they would vote for dad."