Ameer Abdullah blog: We had a perfect play call

Posted Dec 23, 2015

Running back Ameer Abdullah blogs about improvement in the run game, Jim Bob Cooter’s play calling and finishing the season strong.

I think the run game has picked up lately because of better focus. Starting up front, those guys are fundamentally sound. They’re doing a lot of things that you teach when you first learn to play the game of football, which is coming off low, good pad level, keeping your feet driving on contact. Anytime you play with good fundamentals like that, you can expect some success in the run game. Along with that, mentally they’ve been sharp up front.

As a running back corps, we’ve just made it an emphasis to no matter what the situation is, try to get a positive run out of the play. A combination of those two things has made the run game much better.

We knew right away on my touchdown play, it was going in. We had a perfect play call. Jim Bob is getting us in a lot of perfect calls lately. We saw the front they were in, the alignment the defense was set up in. Before the snap, they actually shifted the other way opposite of where we were running. So I was like man, we should have the defense out-flanked. We did. Eric Ebron did a good job cutting off the play-side defensive end. I just walked in. It was perfect execution.

Jim Bob is just really intelligent. He really works hard and studies the other team and what their tendencies are. He knows what they’re going to do. That third-down call we had late in the game where we had that flip — that was a perfect call because he knew on third down and short they like to get into a 5-2 box and they like to really stuff the middle. What better play to call then to fake the middle and pitch it outside? Trust the back to hit it with speed and pick up the chains. It was a great call that just attributes to how hard he studies as an offensive coordinator and how invested he is. He deserves to be an offensive coordinator in this league.

It’s really important to keep the momentum going on a short week, especially for the younger guys. I feel like we have to keep the momentum going because it’s the beginning of our careers. The first season is about to be in the books pretty soon, but you can end on a good note. You can take a lot of good things into the offseason and build upon those to help correct some things you have to get better on.

You always want to finish the season strong. Even in college that was always a big thing for me so I could go into the offseason with some positivity. Especially, like I said, for these young guys that’s really important, but also the veterans because they’ve invested a lot of time in their careers and they deserve to go out winning these last few games.