Ameer Abdullah blog: I'm expecting a bigger role

Posted Dec 9, 2015

Running back Ameer Abdullah blogs about his recent performance, avoiding the rookie wall and Rams’ RB Todd Gurley.

I started coming on a little bit the third quarter of the season, getting a little bit more opportunities. With every opportunity, I’m trying to get better with each one. The fourth quarter is like the final test for me in my rookie season. I want to make tremendous strides this last quarter.
Ameer AbdullahRB Ameer Abdullah (Photo: Gavin Smith / Detroit Lions)

I haven’t hit the ‘rookie wall,’ but it’s been a long, long season compared to the college level. I’ve been challenged mentally more than I have in any other season, which I expected. I think it’s really beneficial for me to know what kind of endurance I need to work toward this offseason for next year.

I have to stay focused. I’m expecting a bigger role each game. I’m trying to prove myself as a go-to back. I’m expecting more reps each game, which means I need to take care of my body, making sure I’m in the cold tub or training room if I need to be. I need to stay as healthy and fresh as possible heading into each Sunday so I can produce for this team and help us have a better quarter than we did last quarter.

I’m looking forward to the Rams this week. Todd Gurley, that’s my dude. He’s really funny. He’s had a pretty good year so far. There’s definitely going to be a little competition there, Todd and me going against each other. This is something we spoke about back in college. We wanted to compete against each other at this level and be the guy on our team. We’re going to have our opportunity Sunday. I hope it’s a good one.

I feel like any good team needs a good running game. You saw us early in the season we weren’t very good at the run and we didn’t win many games. But as the season went along, we got better and better at the running game and you saw a more consistent offense, a more consistent team. That goes around the league.

The running back position has been undervalued, but it’s been kind of spoken into existence because of the high-profile quarterbacks they have in this league now, some good receivers too. But, at the end of the day, you need to run the ball to win and be a successful team.