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  • Roberts on having a year of experience under his belt

    Posted Jan 4, 2018

    TE Michael Roberts says he'll be back next season on a mission, and he believes he'll come back stronger and faster with experience.

  • Fells on the end of the season

    Posted Jan 4, 2018

    TE Darren Fells talks about the end of the season and about the best qualities Jim Caldwell had as his head coach.

  • Carey on spending time with family

    Posted Jan 4, 2018

    S Don Carey talks about how he looks forward to spending time with his family during the offseason and about his experience of going through a coaching change in the past.

  • Hyder Jr. on preparing for next season

    Posted Jan 3, 2018

    DE Kerry Hyder Jr. talks about how he plans to ramp up his training in the offseason in preparation for next season and about how proud he was to see the growth some of his teammates made this season.

  • Green on his excitement for this offseason

    Posted Jan 3, 2018

    RB Tion Green talks about how he'll be staying in Detroit to train, improve his nutrition and work on his weaknesses.

  • Whitehead on staying even-keeled

    Posted Jan 3, 2018

    LB Tahir Whitehead talks about how he's learned to adjust on the fly and manage the ups and downs of football with his position changes this season.

  • Spence on a good nucleus of players

    Posted Jan 3, 2018

    DL Akeem Spence talks about the Lions having a good nucleus of players to work with and about the kind of leader Jim Caldwell was for this team.

  • Ebron on his offseason

    Posted Jan 2, 2018

    TE Eric Ebron talks about how he looks forward to working hard this offseason, spending time with his son and the future of this team.

  • Quinn on change in leadership

    Posted Jan 1, 2018

    General manager Bob Quinn talks about his decision to make a change at the head coaching position and looks back at the 2017 season.

  • Jones Jr. on working with Randy Moss

    Posted Jan 1, 2018

    WR Marvin Jones Jr. talks about his plans to work with Randy Moss again this offseason and reflects on his two seasons with Jim Caldwell.