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Locker Room Video

  • Tate on Stafford's talent

    Posted 9 hours ago

    WR Golden Tate talks about QB Matthew Stafford and why he deserves the praise he has been getting lately.

  • Ansah on returning to field

    Posted 9 hours ago

    DE Ziggy Ansah talks about the time he spent injured and what it meant to return to game action on Sunday.

  • Caldwell on Redskins' offense

    Posted 11 hours ago

    Head coach Jim Caldwell discusses play-makers on the Redskins' offense as well as the involvement of the Lions' rookies this season.

  • Glasgow on offensive line

    Posted Oct 20, 2016

    C Graham Glasgow talks about the play of the offensive line in Week 6 as well as his performance over the past two weeks.

  • Cooter on offensive line

    Posted Oct 20, 2016

    Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter talks about QB Matthew Stafford and his assessment of OL Graham Glasgow.

  • Austin on improving the defense

    Posted Oct 20, 2016

    Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin discusses the Redskins' offensive line and the importance of the defense closing out games.

  • Caldwell on focusing on next game

    Posted Oct 20, 2016

    Head coach Jim Caldwell talks about taking each season one game at a time and putting all of his focus into preparing for that specific game.

  • Quin on confidence after big stops

    Posted Oct 19, 2016

    S Glover Quin talks about the mentality of the defense after being able to make big plays and secure turnovers.

  • Bush on Redskins' offense

    Posted Oct 19, 2016

    S Rafael Bush discusses the talent available to the Redskins's offense.

  • Boldin on Stafford's strengths

    Posted Oct 19, 2016

    WR Anquan Boldin talks about Matthew Stafford's strengths and what impresses him about this year's offense.