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  • Jones Jr. on retaining productivity

    Posted 17 hours ago

    WR Marvin Jones Jr. talks about how he can retain his current level of productivity and how his kids react to his big performances.

  • Stafford on downfield chemistry with Jones

    Posted Sep 25, 2016

    QB Matthew Stafford talks about his connection with Marvin Jones and the offense’s improvement in the second half.

  • Jones Jr. on his 205-yard day

    Posted Sep 25, 2016

    WR Marvin Jones Jr. talks about the offense's resurgence in the second half, his connection with Matthew Stafford and the loss in Green Bay.

  • Whitehead on Packers' offensive success

    Posted Sep 25, 2016

    LB Tahir Whitehead talks about why the Packers' offense was successful through the first three quarters as well as what he can do to improve personally going into Week 4.