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  • #AskALion: Marvin Jones Jr.

    Posted Sep 28, 2016

    You submitted questions for Marvin Jones Jr. using #AskALion, Tori Petry asked them. Jones talks about scary movies and shows off his hidden talent.

  • Quin on Bears' offense

    Posted Sep 28, 2016

    S Glover Quin talks about his views on the Bears' offense and how the Lions' defense can improve by playing faster.

  • Stafford on facing Bears' defense

    Posted Sep 28, 2016

    QB Matthew Stafford talks about facing the Bears' defense and assesses the Lions' offense going into Week 4.

  • Jones Jr. on retaining productivity

    Posted Sep 26, 2016

    WR Marvin Jones Jr. talks about how he can retain his current level of productivity and how his kids react to his big performances.