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Hatch Detroit Neighborhood Initiative FAQ:

What is the Hatch Detroit Neighborhood Initiative?

The Detroit Lions in partnership with Hatch Detroit (the only charitable organization dedicated exclusively to championing independent storefront retail in Detroit), will launch an entirely new “neighborhood initiative”, serving the existing storefront retailers that make a Detroit neighborhood truly a neighborhood. The Detroit Lions’ support for the Hatch Detroit Neighborhood Initiative is an extension of our entirely new community and philanthropic initiative, Living for the City which supports organizations that pursue integrated approaches to physical fitness, healthy eating, housing, land use and environmental planning, public transportation, community infrastructure, and aligned workforce opportunities.

What neighborhoods will be included?

We will focus on six areas just outside of the Downtown/Midtown area. Those neighborhoods are: The Avenue of Fashion, Southwest Detroit, The Villages, Jefferson East, Grandmont/Rosedale, and the North End.

Why these neighborhoods?

We see these historical neighborhoods as a critical component of the revitalization of the region and we want to do what we can to shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurs in those neighborhoods making a difference. Hatch Detroit in partnership with the CDC (Community Development Corporations) and other community leaders in these six neighborhoods, have identified what those neighborhoods need and who the community sees as the best examples of positive independent retailers—those who contribute to the community, keep their surrounding areas safe and clean, and are otherwise an asset to the neighborhood and its growth.

What projects will take place in these neighborhoods?

The Detroit Lions in partnership with Hatch Detroit will work with a team of consultants to select six critical elements of retail success: Exterior Signage and Display, Retail Packaging/Branding, Window Displays, Interior/Exterior Lighting, E-marketing/Web Production, and “Honoring the Pedestrian.

What’s the timeline?

We will begin the Hatch Neighborhood project in January, 2013. The first phase will take place in The Avenue of Fashion. The Hatch team, in conjunction with the Detroit Lions, CDCs and community leaders, will select for each of these neighborhoods one business and one critical retail element. The business will get a “Hatch Extreme Makeover” of that retail element. We are in the process of selecting businesses to offer to lead the makeovers on a pro bono basis.

What’s the purpose of this initiative?

Our hope is that while one business will benefit from getting a makeover of a key retail element and a ton of publicity and new customers, all surrounding businesses will feel the ripple effect. We will galvanize the Hatch network to support the business and the surrounding shops. We also will post everything we do on-line and via social media channels so that other business owners can see how to do such a makeover as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to do our part to help bolster an entire block through this one makeover.

How will the Detroit Lions participate?

We see this as an incredible opportunity for our fans, partners, players, staff, and alumni to get their hands dirty and make a big impact on the ground level by volunteering their time to carry this out. Many of our players and alumni have grown up in urban neighborhoods like this and find such projects rewarding. The Detroit Lions involvement will help exponentially in the quest to get these neighborhoods business the attention they deserve.