This video was originally published on Model D in partnership with the Lions

The HATCH DETROIT neighborhood initiative

The Detroit Lions, through its Living for the City initiative, is aligning itself with community partners dedicated to the revitalization of Detroit. The Lions and Hatch Detroit, the only charitable organization dedicated exclusively to championing independent storefront retail in the city, have teamed for the Neighborhood Initiative.

The Neighborhood Initiative serves existing storefront retailers in six historical Detroit neighborhoods, critical components to the region’s revitalization. Working with each neighborhood’s local Community Development Corporation (CDC), the Lions and Hatch will determine what improvements each community needs.

During the first phase, the Lions and Hatch worked with the University Commons CDC to create hanging signage for six businesses on the Avenue of Fashion, which is Livernois Avenue between Seven and Eight Mile Roads. Creating and installing hanging signage will increase business visibility, pedestrian walkability, create new publicity and attract more new business to the area.

Five of the six businesses received signage designed and fabricated by Detroit Design Center, owned and operated by the Nordin Brothers. Each metal armature is comprised of 13 rectangles representing the 13 communities surrounding the Avenue of Fashion. Independent artists Jessica Janda and Joshua Smith worked with each business owner to create a custom inlay that best represents his or her business and brand. The result is five individualized cohesive signs that represent each individual business but also the area’s strong sense of community.

This sixth business elected to have their awning replaced, which will take place later this year.