The HATCH DETROIT neighborhood initiative

The Detroit Lions, in conjunction with Hatch Detroit, the only charitable organization dedicated exclusively to championing independent storefront retail in the city, completed the second phase of their Neighborhood Initiative in Detroit’s West Village.

The project on the Agnes retail strip focused on improving safety and security through the installation of new parking lot and alley lights, bike racks, pedestrian-scale signage, and the improvement of gas lighting and storefront appearances.

Work will begin in the initiative’s third target neighborhood, Grandmont-Rosedale, later this year.

The Hatch Neighborhood Initiative and Detroit Lions partnership is an extension of the Lions’ community and philanthropic initiative, Living for the City, which supports organizations that pursue integrated approaches to physical fitness, healthy eating, community infrastructure, and aligned workforce opportunities. The Neighborhood Initiative in particular aims to strengthen existing retail businesses and storefronts while bringing awareness to six historic Detroit neighborhoods.

In the first phase of the initiative, Hatch Detroit’s work on the historic Avenue of Fashion produced pedestrian-scale signage for five businesses, which helped improve the visibility of businesses and pedestrian walkability on Livernois Avenue. The project helped revitalize the area and attracted local business owners to open up a variety of shops and restaurants. Additionally, with sponsorship from the Lions, Hatch Detroit also completed a district-wide cleanup and beautification project while participating in other local events.